How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

When you have mice in your house, it’s usually not hard to tell. Eventually the evidence isn’t possible to discount, although at times it is possible to overlook the signs at first. When you know you have rodents in your home, however, what can you do? Instead of calling the exterminator when you notice you have mice, why don’t you try these easy–and affordable–tricks first. Not every technique works for all homes, but these are a great starting point for rodents from your home, and keeping, getting.

Stop Access

And smaller holes can grant accessibility, as openings can enlarge in insulation, drywall, and wood to rodents. See when you can identify where the mice are getting in, and block those holes. Caulk is a great option for plugging holes that are little, but also for spaces that are larger, steel wool can do the trick. That is because it is very hard for rodents to chew through this stuff, effectively keeping them from using that hole in your property as an entrance. Ensure you’re methodical in regards to stopping up mice holes, though, because eliminating ALL OF the manners into your home is actually the only guaranteed solution to keep out the critters. Especially, you’ll need to check around the base, doors (including garage doors), windows, and even often-overlooked areas like eaves and gables (mice can scale).

Eliminate Interest

Rodents come into your residence for 2 reasons: warmth and food. Store all food, in containers that are sealed, including pet food, and thoroughly clean up after meals to get rid of garbage and crumbs. Ensure that Fido and Fluffy eat their entire dinner, or put up all pet food after mealtimes.

When you’ve limited use of your house and removed the accessibility to food, the mice should not be back. If they truly are, it is possible to test a couple of other simple rodent pest removal techniques such as putting peppermint around your home (its pungent smell is too extreme for rodents) or even getting a cat.

Of course, hiring a pest management company is always an option for making certain the mice will not return. Should you prefer not to tackle your rodent problem all on your own, or nothing you’ve tried seems to work, it might be the time. Most pest control companies possess a diverse arsenal of tools from beyond which can be used to remove rodents in your home to chemicals and traps. Some even offer solutions that are natural in case you’re looking for a chemical-free, humane method to address the mice in the home.